Pockyball story

What is PockyBall® and how is it played ?

What is PockyBall® and how is it played ?

The history of PockyBall 

PockyBall® was created by a French entrepreneur.

It was designed for all ages, from 4 years old to adult.


This is a simple concept : hang the zip on your waist and adjust the length of the ball. The lock system will prevent the ball for coming back up.

There is two ways to play with a PockyBall®, you can keep it in your hand or hang it on your waist and you ready to start !

After a few minutes of practice, you will do amazing tricks. Once you have finished, press the button and the ball comes back immediately. 

It was designed for all circumstances. We can bring it everywhere and play with it !  

PockyBall® is a patented invention only available on our website.



Research has shown that today's children have lost 25 % of their physical skills which can affect their health in the future ! PockyBall® will help the children develop their physical skills if they play with it on a daily basis. In addition, PockyBall® will improve focus, motor skills and dexterity.


PockyBall® is game for all (boy and girl) and can adjust to the high of the player. Here are its benefits :

  • Physical activity for children everywhere
  • Play ball inside without breaking anything
  • Easy to use
  • Authorized in schools and public
  • Develop technics and reflexes
  • Improve the cardio, motor skills and dexterity
  • Create tricks to impress !

To summarize, PockyBall® will allow you to exercise while having fun. Don't wait to get yours and do amazing trick. Come and join our #TeamPocky !