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What Makes Pockyball UNIQUE ?

Several good things in one toy

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Bought for grandsons aged 5 and 8 - absolutely loved them and played with them all weekend. Both boys play football and the pockyball will help their skills. A bit expensive but worth it.

Dianne C.

Bought 2 in the first instance and then bought the black one so we have one each - grandma, daughter and grandson. They are used daily and well worth it. A clip came off one of them but this was easily sorted and no problems since.

June S.

My boys enjoy using the pockyball, trying different skills, it's really handy whatever the weather and i love that you can take it anywhere with you.

Charlotte B.

Got this for my sons 3rd birthday. He’s autistic and is very picky on what he likes. He’s obsessed! He even went bed with it.

Lynda T.

Harry, 12, loves his pockyball! He quickly got the hang of it and soon learnt to use some fancy footwork. It’s a great little piece of kit. Extremely portable - weighs next to nothing and small in size but quite robust. Easily pops into a bag. Can be used in a small space, even inside. Great for improving concentration as well as eye foot coordination. I’d buy lots if the price was lower.

Elizabeth B.

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