The Pocky Merch is here!

The Pocky Merch is here!

The Pocky Merch is here!

You ask, we deliver! 

Because Pockyball is above all a family, we listen to you and take your wishes into account.

After several requests and answers to our little survey, we decided to please you by creating the Pocky Merch! Many of you choose Pockyball as a gift, so we wanted to make you happy by giving you more choice in your gift ideas.

Pockyteam from head to toe! 

As you can see, you now have the opportunity to dress your children with Pockyball.

Our Merch is only composed of essentials and unique pieces. The sporty look has been very fashionable for a few years now and is used all over the world and at all times! Whether it's a Saturday shopping trip, an impromptu family party or a walk in the park.

We have taken all this into account to offer you the best for your little ones. Discover our classic and all-purpose pieces for even more fun! 

New at Pockyball?

And yes! Just like the children we always try to be the best. And because we work as a team with you (yes, we are a team!) we make sure that we meet your demands to the maximum.

Thanks to your ideas and feedback, we can see even further ahead.Big surprises are coming for young and old alike.

What is the Pocky Merch made of?

The only Pockyball® T-shirt / Unisex 
The must-have Pockyball® Drawstring-bag
The essentials Pockyball® Hoodie / Unisex (Limited Edition)
The undeniable Pockyball® Caps

The game never stops with Pockyball!