Pockyball: Has been seen on tv

Cheu-B on BeIN SPORTS with a PockyBall®

Cheu-B on BeIN SPORTS with a PockyBall®

Our first TV appearance ! 

We had the chance to be on BeIN SPORTS with Clara Paban, Claire Arnoux, and the artist Cheu-B, for the show VIP Salon.


They agreed to try PockyBall on the set and they loved it. As has been well said by Clara, PockyBall “will pleased your children and the adults !”

If you are discovering PockyBall, note that it is perfect for increasing your accuracy and focus in football. 

PockyBall starts to become essential for many Football clubs and it has been helping the children improving their skills while they are having fun.

Maud (coach of FC Donzelle football team) said “PockyBall is part of my training for my group at FC Donzelle! They love it and they are learning very fast!” We would like to thanks Maud for her feedback.

The holiday season is coming, you should consider to buy a Pocky as a gift for Christmas or another occasion. If you try it, you will get it !