Pockyball keep them safe

How to entertain your kids during quarantine ?

How to entertain your kids during quarantine ?

Fun activity to keep your kids entertained during quarantine

In the present climate, It is difficult to find new activities for your kids that will not affect their health or behaviors.
Tv,  computers and video games can keep your kids entertained and quiet if you working from home but, is it really the right thing to do?
Sports and social clubs being suspended until further notice, how will they burn off their energy ?


By offering a PockyBall to your kids, you introduce them to a new activity and clear their mind.
They will stay calm and focus while exercising. PockyBall will improve their balance, dexterity and motor skills.
Once they've tried it, they will get addicted to it ! We promise ! We also challenge you not to become a PockyBall fan yourself.